Digital Audio and Video Transcription Services


Etranscript is a sole proprietorship established by Lesley Moore in 2004 as a transcription and document services provider located in Fourways, Johannesburg, South Africa.

With many years of experience transcribing audio and video files for the medical, medico-legal, media, general business and academic sectors, Etranscript is more than qualified to understand and meet the needs of a diverse range of clients requiring dictation, interview or disciplinary hearing transcription services. 


Being a connected inhabitant of the global village, Etranscript's clientele comprises both South African and international professionals including doctors, attorneys, engineers, psychologists, journalists, authors, academia, insurance loss adjusters, film producers, forensic fire investigators, as well as NPOs, SMEs and corporate entities across many industries and disciplines.

The internet connects Etranscript to all of its clients, both within South Africa and globally. Although Etranscript is situated in Johannesburg, we are able to receive work from all over South Africa - in fact, from all over the world - via the internet.